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Syrian PzKpfw IV Ausf J
I am introducing the model of PzKpfw IV Ausf J used be Syrian army in 50-60th. The model was created based on real-life prototype. The real tank was using for artillery shelling of Israelis from the Golan Heights. It was destroyed in 1965-1967. At present, the prototype is still somewhere on the Golan.

This is a Dragon #6556 with no additions, except of tracks from Fruilmodels. All others modifications were made from scratch, such as:
- after-war modification (tool boxes, hatch on the commander cupola, and ets)
- visible parts of interior of fighting compartment, turret and engine
- fenders
- turret’s screens and damaged basket
- damages from hits and internal explosion

The model was painted with Tamiya and Life color acrylic. Weathering was done by oils, pigments and washes form MIG, pigments form Master Pigment, and weathering products form AK Interactive

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